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År Titel Författare Tidskrift
2019 Assessing the potential for assisted gene flow using past introduction of Norway spruce in southern Sweden: Local adaptation and genetic basis of quantitative traits in trees
Milesi, Pascal
Berlin, Mats
Chen, Jun
Orsucci, Marion
Li, Lili
Jansson, Gunnar
Karlsson, Bo
Lascoux, Martin
Evolutionary Applications
2019 Differences in growth and areal production between Norway spruce (Picea abies L. Karst) regeneration material representing different levels of genetic improvement
Liziniewicz, M
Berlin, Mats
Scand. J. For. Res.
2019 Genomic data provide new insights on the demographic history and the extent of recent material transfers in Norway spruce
Chen, J.
Li, L.
Milesi, P.
Jansson, G.
Berlin, M.
Karlsson, B.
Aleksic, J.
Vendramin, G. G.
Lascoux, M.
Evol Appl
2019 Analysis of non-additive genetic effects in Norway spruce
Berlin, Mats
Jansson, Gunnar
Högberg, Karl-Anders
Helmersson, Andreas
Tree Genetics & Genomes
2018 Early assessments are reliable indicators for future volume production in Norway spruce ( Picea abies L. Karst) genetic field trials
Liziniewicz, Mateusz
Berlin, Mats
Karlsson, Bo
Forest Ecology and Management
2016 Scots pine transfer effect models for growth and survival in Sweden and Finland
Berlin, M
Persson, T
Jansson, G
Haapanen, M
Ruotsalainen, S
Bärring, L
Andersson  Gull, B
Silva Fennica
2016 Tailored climate indices for climate-proofing operational forestry applications in Sweden and Finland.
Bärring, L
Berlin, M
Andersson Gull, B
International Journal of Climatology
2016 Adaptation to Climate Change in Swedish Forestry
Keskitalo, E.
Bergh, Johan
Felton, Adam
Björkman, Christer
Berlin, Mats
Axelsson, Petter
Ring, Eva
Ågren, Anneli
Roberge, Jean-Michel
Klapwijk, Maartje
Boberg, Johanna
2014 Genotype by environment interaction in the southern Swedish breeding population of Picea abies using new climatic indices
Berlin, M
Jansson, G
Högberg, K-A
Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research
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