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År Titel Författare Tidskrift
2020 Decreasing pools and increasing fluxes of soil C and N after forest liming.
Persson, T.
Andersson, S.
Bergholm, J.
Grönqvist, T.
Lars Högbom
Vegerfors, B.
Wirén, A.
2019 Effects of inbreeding depression on seed production in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris)
Mullin, Tim J
Persson, Torgny
Abrahamsson, Sara
Andersson Gull, Bengt
Canadian Journal of Forest Research
2019 Genotype-by-environment interactions and the dynamic relationship between tree vitality and height in northern Pinus sylvestris
Calleja-Rodriguez, A.
Gull, B. A.
Wu, H. X.
Mullin, T. J.
Persson, T.
Tree Genetics & Genomes
2018 Longitudinal differences in Scots pine shoot elongation
Andersson Gull, Bengt
Persson, Torgny
Fedorkov, Aleksey
Mullin, Tim
Silva Fennica
2016 Scots pine transfer effect models for growth and survival in Sweden and Finland
Berlin, M
Persson, T
Jansson, G
Haapanen, M
Ruotsalainen, S
Bärring, L
Andersson  Gull, B
Silva Fennica
2015 Connectedness among test series in mixed linear models of genetic evaluation for forest trees
Kerr, RJ
Dutkowski, GW
Jansson, G
Persson, T
Westin, J
Tree Genetics & Genomes
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