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Martin Englund

Uppsala Science Park
751 83 Uppsala

070 - 282 16 42

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2023 Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA) for Application Research on Operator Work Practices and the Design of Training and Support Systems for Forestry Harvester
Dreger, F. A.,
Englund, M.,
Hartsch, F.,
Wagner, T.,
Jaeger, D.,
Björheden, R.,
Rinkenauer, G.
2022 Positive and Negative Work Practices of Forest Machine Operators: Interviews and Literature Analysis
Hartsch, F
Dreger, F
Englund, M
Hoffart, E
Rinkenauer, G
Wagner, T
Jaeger, D
2020 Innovative productivity improvements in forest operations: a comparative study of the Assortment Grapple using a machine simulator
Manner, Jussi
Berg, Simon
Englund, Martin
Ersson, Back Tomas
Mörk, Anders
Journal of Forest Science
2019 Comparing forwarder boom-control systems based on an automatically recorded follow-up dataset
Manner, Jussi
Mörk, Anders
Englund, Martin
Silva Fenn
2017 Forwarder crane’s boom tip control system and beginner-level operators
Manner, J
Gelin, O
Mörk, A
Englund, M
Silva Fennica
2015 Examining the gaze bahaviour of harvester operators: an eye-tracking study
Häggström, C
Englund, M
Lindroos, O
International Journal of Forest Engineering
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