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Sima Mohtashami

(Tekn Dr)
Uppsala Science Park
751 83 Uppsala

070 - 216 39 12

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År Titel Författare Tidskrift
2023 Estimating Soil Strength Using GISBased Maps - A case study in Sweden
Mohtashami, Sima
Hansson, Linnea
Eliasson, Lars
European Journal of Forest Engineering
2022 Trafficability Prediction Using Depth-to-Water Maps: the Status of Application in Northern and Central European Forestry
Hoffmann, Stephan
Schönauer, Marian
Heppelmann, Joachim
Asikainen, Antti
Cacot, Emmanuel
Eberhard, Benno
Hasenauer, Hubert
Ivanovs, Janis
Jaeger, Dirk
Lazdins, Andis
Mohtashami, Sima
Moskalik, Tadeusz
Nordfjell, Tomas
Stereńczak, Krzysztof
Talbot, Bruce
Uusitalo, Jori
Vuillermoz, Morgan
Astrup, Rasmus
Current Forestry Reports
2022 Evaluating the effect of DEM resolution on performance of cartographic depth-to-water maps, for planning logging operations
Mohtashami, Sima
Eliasson, Lars
Hansson, Linnea
Willén, Erik
Thierfelder, Tomas
Nordfjell, Tomas
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation
2022 Use of Hydrological Models to Predict Risk for Rutting in Logging Operations
Mohtashami, Sima
Thierfelder, Tomas
Eliasson, Lars
Lindström, Göran
Sonesson, Johan
2020 Costs and benefits of seven alternatives for riparian forest buffer management
Sonesson, Johan
Ring, Eva
Högbom, Lars
Lämås, Tomas
Widenfalk, Olof
Mohtashami, Sima
Holmström, Hampus
Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research
2017 Influence of soil type, cartographic depth-to-water, road reinforcement and traffic intensity on rut formation in logging operations: a survey study in Sweden
Mohtashami, S
Eliasson, L
Jansson, G
Sonesson, J
Silva Fennica
2016 Analysis of factors affecting productivity and costs for a high-performance chip supply system
Eliasson, L
Eriksson, A
Mohtashami, S
Applied Energy
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