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2022 Initial effects of post-harvest ditch cleaning on greenhouse gas fluxes in a hemiboreal peatland forest
Tong, C H M
Nilsson, M B
Sikström, U
Ring, E
Drott, A
Eklöf, K.
Futter, M N
Peacock, M.
Segersten, J.
Peichl, M
2020 Influence of mechanical site preparation on regeneration success of planted conifers in clearcuts in Fennoscandia – a review
Sikström, U
Hjelm, K
Holt Hanssen, K
Saksa, T
Wallertz, K
Silva Fennica
2019 Growth responses of Pinus sylvestris and Picea abies after ditch cleaning – a survey in Sweden
Sikström, U
Jansson, G
Pettersson, F
Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research
2018 Ditch network maintenance in peat-dominated boreal forests: Review and analysis of water quality management options.
Nieminen, M
Piirainen, S
Sikström, U
Löfgren, S
Marttila H,
Sarkkola S
Laurén, A
Finér, L
2016 Interactions between soil water conditions and forest stands in boreal forests with implications for ditch network maintenance
Sikström, U
Hökkä, H
Silva Fennica
2014 Is tree growth in boreal coniferous stands on mineral soils affected by the addition of wood ash?
Jacobson, S
Lundström, H
Norlund, S
Sikström, U
Pettersson, F
Scand. J. For. Res.
2014 Reduced global warming potential after wood ash application in drained Northern peatland forests.
Rütting T
Björk R.G
Meyer A
Klemedtsson L
Sikström U
Forest Ecology and Management 328: 159–166.
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