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År Titel Författare Tidskrift
2023 Ten years after: Release cutting around old oaks still affects oak vitality and saproxylic beetles in a Norway spruce stand
Lariviere, Delphine
Holmström, Emma
Petersson, Lisa
Djupström, Line
Weslien, Jan
Agricultural and Forest Entomology
2023 Coarse woody debris legacies and their dynamics in retained forest patches
Jönsson, Mari
Weslien, Jan-Olov
Gustafsson, Lena
Forest Ecology and Management
2021 Trilemma of Nordic-Baltic Forestry – how to imply UN sustainable development goals
Högbom L
Abbas D
Armolaitis K
Baders E
Futter M
Jõgiste K
Lazdins A
Lukmine D
Mustonen M
Øistad K
Poska A
Rautio P
Varnagiryte-Kabasinskiene I
Vodde F
Weslien, J-O
Wilhelmsson L
Zute D
2020 Research on retention forestry in Northern Europe
Gustafsson L
Hannerz M
Koivula M
Shorohova E
Vanha-Majamaa I
Weslien J
Ecological Processes
2020 Release of retained oaks in Norway spruce plantations. A 10-year perspective on oak vitality, spruce wood production and ground vegetation
Lariviere D
Holmström E
Brunet J
Weslien J
Forest Ecology and Management
2018 Population patterns in relation to food and nesting resource for two cavity-nesting bee species in young boreal forest stands
Westerfelt, Per
Weslien, Jan
Widenfalk, Olof
Forest Ecology and Management
2018 Climate impacts of retention forestry in a Swedish boreal pine forest
Cherubini, Francesco
Santaniello, Francesca
Hu, Xiangping
Sonesson, Johan
Strømman, Anders Hammer
Weslien, Jan
Djupström, Line B.
Ranius, Thomas
Journal of Land Use Science
2017 Large proportion of wood dependent lichens in boreal pine forest are confined to old hard wood
Santaniello, F
Djupström, L.B
Ranius, T
Weslien, J
Rudolphi, J
Thor, G
Biodiversity and Conservation
2017 Simulated long-term effects of varying tree retention on wood production, dead wood and carbon stock changes
Santaniello, F
Djupström, L.B
Ranius, T
Weslien, J
Rudolphi, J
Sonesson, J
Journal of Environmental Management
2017 Forest restoration as a double-edged sword: the conflict between biodiversity conservation and pest control
Kärvemo, S
Björkman, C
Johansson, T
Weslien, J
Hjältén, J
Joural of Applied Ecology
2016 A cross-continental comparison of plant and beetle responses to retention of forest patches during timber harvest.
Baker, S
Halpern, C
Wardlaw, T
Kern, C
Thomson, R
Bigley, R
Franklin, J
Gandhi, K
Johnson, S
Palik, B
Spies, T
Steel, E.A
Weslien, J
Strengbom, J
Ecological Applications
2016 How climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies can threaten or enhance the biodiversity of production forests: Insights from Sweden
Felton, A
Gustafsson, L
Roberge, J-M
Ranius, T
Hjältén, J
Rudolphi, J
Lindbladh, M
Weslien, J
Rist, L
Brunet, J
Felton, A-M
Biological Conservation
2016 Naturhänsyn vid avverkning - en syntes av forskning från Norden och Baltikum
Gustafsson, L
Weslien, J
Hannerz, M
Aldentun, Y
2015 Natural versus national boundaries: the importance of considering biogeographical patterns in forest conservation policy
Gustafsson, L
Felton, A
Felton, A.M
Brunet, J
Caruso, A
Hjältén, J
Lindbladh, M
Ranius, T
Roberge, J-M
Weslien, J
Conservation Letters 8: 50-57
2015 Effects of different insect species on seed quantity and quality in Norway spruce
Rosenberg, O
Nordlander, G
Weslien, J
Agricultural and Forest Entomology
2015 Nesting of solitary wasps and bees in natural and artificial holes in dead wood in young boreal forest stands
Westerfelt, P
Widenfalk, O
Lindelöw, Å
Gustafsson, L
Weslien, J
Insect Conservation and Diversity
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