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Johan Sonesson

Processledare, Seniorforskare
Uppsala Science Park
751 83 Uppsala

070 - 518 85 89

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År Titel Författare Tidskrift
2022 Forest biodiversity and ecosystem services from spruce-birch mixtures: The potential importance of tree spatial arrangement
Felton, Adam
Felton, Annika M.
Wam, Hilde Karin
Witzell, Johanna
Wallgren, Märtha
Löf, Magnus
Sonesson, Johan
Lindbladh, Matts
Björkman, Christer
Blennow, Kristina
Cleary, Michelle
Jonsell, Mats
Klapwijk, Maartje J.
Niklasson, Mats
Petersson, Lisa
Rönnberg, Jonas
Sang, Åsa Ode
Wrethling, Fredrika
Hedwall, Per-Ola
Environmental Challenges
2021 From genetic gain to economic gain: simulated growth and financial performance of genetically improved Pinus sylvestris and Pinus pinaster planted stands in France, Finland and Sweden
Serrano-León, Hernán
Ahtikoski, Anssi
Sonesson, Johan
Fady, Bruno
Lindner, Marcus
Meredieu, Céline
Raffin, Annie
Perret, Sandrine
Perot, Thomas
Orazio, Christophe
Forestry: An International Journal of Forest Research
2020 Harvester and forwarder productivity and net revenues in patch cutting
Eliasson, Lars
Grönlund, Örjan
Lundström, Hagos
Sonesson, Johan
International Journal of Forest Engineering
2020 Costs and benefits of seven alternatives for riparian forest buffer management
Sonesson, Johan
Ring, Eva
Högbom, Lars
Lämås, Tomas
Widenfalk, Olof
Mohtashami, Sima
Holmström, Hampus
Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research
2019 Increasing production value in Scots pine plantation through mixing with lodgepole pine
Kroon, Johan
Bergsten, Urban
Sonesson, Johan
Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research
2018 Carbon balance in production forestry in relation to rotation length
Lundmark, Tomas
Poudel, Bishnu Chandra
Stål, Gustav
Nordin, Annika
Sonesson, Johan
Canadian Journal of Forest Research
2018 Climate impacts of retention forestry in a Swedish boreal pine forest
Cherubini, Francesco
Santaniello, Francesca
Hu, Xiangping
Sonesson, Johan
Strømman, Anders Hammer
Weslien, Jan
Djupström, Line B.
Ranius, Thomas
Journal of Land Use Science
2017 Simulated long-term effects of varying tree retention on wood production, dead wood and carbon stock changes
Santaniello, F
Djupström, L.B
Ranius, T
Weslien, J
Rudolphi, J
Sonesson, J
Journal of Environmental Management
2017 Influence of soil type, cartographic depth-to-water, road reinforcement and traffic intensity on rut formation in logging operations: a survey study in Sweden
Mohtashami, S
Eliasson, L
Jansson, G
Sonesson, J
Silva Fennica
2017 Varying rotation lengths in northern production forests: Implications for habitats provided by retention and production trees
Felton, A
Sonesson, J
Nilsson, U
Lämås, T
Lundmark, T
Nordin, A
Ranius, T
Roberge J-M
2016 Replacing monocultures with mixed-species stands: A comprehensive assessment of the social-ecological implications
Felton, A
Nilsson, U
Sonesson, J
Felton A.M
Roberge, J-M
Ranius, T
Ahlström, M
Bergh, J
Björkman, C
Boberg, J
Drössler, L
Fahlvik, N
Gong, P
Holmström, E
Keskitalo, E.C.H
Klapwijk, M.J
Laudon, H
Lundmark, T
Niklasson, M
Nordin, A
Pettersson, M
Stenlid, J
Sténs, A
Wallertz, K
2016 Socio-ecological implications of modifying rotation lengths in forestry
Roberge, J-M
Laudon, H
Björkman, C
Ranius, T
Sandström, C
Felton, A
Sténs, A
Nordin, A
Granström, A
Widemo, F
Bergh, J
Sonesson, J
Stenlid, J
Lundmark, T