Forest contractors account for most of the operative forestry in Sweden. Skogforsk supports these enterprises by providing performance indicators, simplified agreements, regulatory frameworks, etc.

Skogforsk is working to help forest contractors with their business activities. We do this, for example, by developing smart performance indicators for analyses and business development. We are also examining logging methods and run a website, jobbaiskogen.se, that concerns logging activities.

Ergonomics and a healthy work environment are important – not least for productivity. We are conducting research that will improve the work environment in forest machines. Read more about this in the description of the work environment research area. 

We provide the forestry sector with access to common definitions and standardised agreements to facilitate business procedures in "Standard Conditions for Forestry Related Contracting, ABSE 09" and "APSE 09" which means "a common concept for forestry agreements" . Read more on www.apse.se.