It is increasingly clear that climate change needs to be managed and countered here and now. In this regard, the forest and the forest industry can play an important role.

The forest can absorb carbon dioxide to store in biomass and soil. The use of forest-based products is also an important part of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, i.a. by avoiding emissions from more fossil-intensive products.

In this context, it is important to be able to give a coherent picture of forestry's climate impact in a system-efficient way. The forest's potential climate effect, both as a carbon sink in forests and products, as well as to avoid emissions from more fossil-intensive products, needs to be included in order not to sub-optimize the work towards reaching the climate goals. CLEAR is a climate impact reporting model that takes all these elements into account. It is intended for forest companies and includes the climate effects that relates to the company's production of wood raw material and wood-based products.

The reporting model began to be developed by Peter Holmgren in collaboration with SCA at the end of the 2010s and was first used by SCA in their sustainability reporting for the year 2018. Since then, it has spread to be used today by a number of forest companies. It is now called CLEAR and a detailed description of the model can be found in this report.