The administration of the CLEAR-model is led by Skogforsk in collaboration with a number of parties.

Currently it is:

  • Billerud
  • Derome
  • Holmen
  • Norra Skog
  • SCA
  • Setra
  • Södra

Skogforsk staffs and is responsible for a secretariat, and the project parties appoint a chairman who together with Skogforsk leads the operational management of CLEAR.

Every year, a meeting is held for project parties where the budget and operational planning are discussed, a chairman is elected, new members are elected, and decisions are made regarding the development and updating of the model.

In addition, a broader meeting is held annually, called the Climate Reporting Forum, where people outside the project party group are also invited. These meetings have a broad agenda and plenty of room for stakeholder input.

We welcome more organizations to become part of the administration of the CLEAR model. Contact us if you want to know more!