Curt Almqvist

Senior researcher
Tree breeding
Uppsala Science Park
SE-751 83 Uppsala

+46 (70) 601 90 39

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Selected publications

Year Title Authors Journal
2018 Improving floral initiation in potted Picea abies by supplemental light treatment Almqvist, Curt Silva Fennica
2016 Mating dynamics of Scots pine in isolation tents.
Funda, T.
Wennström, U.
Almqvist, C.
Andersson, B.
Wang, X-R.
Tree Genetics & Genomes
2015 Effects of pruning and stand density on cone and pollen production in an experimental Pinus sylvestris seed orchard
Almqvist, C
Jansson, G
Silva Fennica
2015 Low rates of pollen contamination in a Scots pine seed orchard in Sweden: the exception or the norm?
Funda, T.
Wennström, U.
Almqvist, C.
Torimaru, T.
Andersson Gull, B.
Wang, X-R.
Scaninavian Journal of Forest Research
Tree breeding & plants
Collegues within Tree breeding