Mari Suontama

Deputy manager
Tree breeding
Box 3
SE-918 21 Sävar

+46 (70) 910 33 26

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Selected publications

Year Title Authors Journal
2023 Whole-genome resequencing facilitates the development of a 50K single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping array for Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) and its transferability to other pine species
Estravis Barcala, Maximiliano
van der Valk, Tom
Chen, Zhiqiang
Funda, Tomas
Chaudhary, Rajiv
Klingberg, Adam
Fundova, Irena
Suontama, Mari
Hallingbäck, Henrik
Bernhardsson, Carolina
Nystedt, Björn
Ingvarsson, Pär K.
Sherwood, Ellen
Street, Nathaniel
Gyllensten, Ulf
Nilsson, Ove
Wu, Harry X.
The Plant Journal
2021 Spatial Models With Inter-Tree Competition From Airborne Laser Scanning Improve Estimates of Genetic Variance
Pont D
Dungey H.S
Suontama M
Stovold G.T
Frontiers in Plant Science
2021 Genomic Predictions With Nonadditive Effects Improved Estimates of Additive Effects and Predictions of Total Genetic Values in Pinus sylvestris
Wu,Harry X.
Frontiers in Plant Science
2020 Indication of Quantitative Multiple Disease Resistance to Foliar Pathogens in Pinus radiata D.Don in New Zealand
Frontiers in Plant Science
2020 Marker Selection in Multivariate Genomic Prediction Improves Accuracy of Low Heritability Traits
Dungey,Heidi S.
Telfer,Emily J.
Graham,Natalie J.
Frontiers in Genetics
2019 Genetic improvement of resistance to cyclaneusma needle cast in Pinus radiata
Suontama, Mari
Li, Yongjun
Low, Charlie B
Dungey, Heidi S
Canadian Journal of Forest Research
2019 Efficiency of genomic prediction across two Eucalyptus nitens seed orchards with different selection histories
Suontama, Mari
Klápště, Jaroslav
Telfer, Emily
Graham, Natalie
Stovold, Toby
Low, Charlie
McKinley, Russell
Dungey, Heidi
2019 Modelling of population structure through contemporary groups in genetic evaluation
Klápště, Jaroslav
Suontama, Mari
Dungey, Heidi S
Telfer, Emily J
Stovold, Grahame T
BMC genetics
2019 Evaluation of forest tree breeding strategies based on partial pedigree reconstruction through simulations: Pinus pinaster and Eucalyptus nitens as case studies
Bouffier, Laurent
Klápště, Jaroslav
Suontama, Mari
Dungey, Heidi S
Mullin, Tim J
Canadian Journal of Forest Research
2018 Effect of Hidden Relatedness on Single-Step Genetic Evaluation in an Advanced Open-Pollinated Breeding Program
Klápště, Jaroslav
Suontama, Mari
Dungey, Heidi S
Telfer, Emily J
Graham, Natalie J
Low, Charlie B
Stovold, Grahame T
Journal of Heredity
Collegues within Tree breeding