Our research is organized into four research programs, two processes and two test stations. In addition, there are departments for communications, IT and finance.

The current research and innovation strategy covers the period 2021–2024.

Forest operations

Seems for improved productivity and generosity. Includes technology, methods and organization for all operations and range of forestry. Program manager: Gert Andersson

Tree breeding

Responsible for sustainable processing of forest trees. Also conducts FoI for more efficient operational processing and for effective seed production in seedlings. Program manager: Thomas Kraft

Forest management

Develops knowledge about forest management for different goals. The program's research includes production, growth, quality, environmental impact, injury risks and efficient nature conservation. Program manager: Erik Ling

Value chains

Develops technology, methods and systems to optimize the value of the raw material from the forest, based on market orientation and customer order management. Program manager: Maria Iwarsson Wide


The process takes advantage of digitization opportunities and develops decision support, standards, remote sensing estimates and more for sustainable forestry. Process manager: Maria Nordström

Societal benefits

Within the process, research and communication is conducted to clarify forest social benefits. Staffed by all research programs and Communication. Process manager: Johan Sonesson