StanForD "Classic" Documents

You can download the standard documents below. Observe that no updates to the old standard version has been done since April 2012.

Main document (2007-03-27)

Variables in numerical order (2012-04-18) (pdf)

Variables in numerical order (2012-04-18) (Excel)

Variables by category (2012-04-18) (pdf)

Variable revisions (2012-04-18)

Appendix 1 (2012-04-18)

Extended documentation (2006-05-29)

Extended documentation is a complement to the official StanForD documents. It contains more detailed descriptions of some of the variables as well as examples of how the variables can be used.

The spp-file must be used in Finland and is strongly recommended in Sweden. The "official" Finnish spp-file ican be downloaded below.

Official Finnish spp-file (zip)

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