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StanForD has been coordinated by Skogforsk since the first initiative to establish a standard was taken in 1986/87. The first standard was decided in 1988. Finnish users have been involved since the early 90's through Metsäteho. The organisation of the standard was set in it's present form in the late 90's when the large manufacturers agreed to finance the administrative work together with the Swedish forest companies through Skogforsk.

The old standard has had the same format since the beginning and one of the fundamental principles has been to have full backwards compatibility through never allowing any variables to be excluded. The format was established with the goal of being flexible as well as small in size. These facts mean that it has been possible to adapt the standard to changing conditions but also that quite a bit of historical garbage (variables presently of low relevance and use) has accumulated over the years.

The format is still working well but it is unique, this means that for a beginner a lot of work has to be put into understanding (reading and writing) the technical format.

It was therefore decided 2006-08-25 by all members to start the work on a new version of the standard. After a pre-study it was decided in 2008-05-27 to start a project to develop StanForD2010, coordinated jointly by Skogforsk and Metsäteho.


The objectives of the new standard were to achieve:
• Structures that supports data management requirements of today in a better way (normally simpler structures)
• Better structural descriptions
• Stricter priorities (stricter implementation rules)
• A system for management of standard versions
• Reduction of old variables and structures
• Common & general format with open interface (xml), making it easier to implement the standard in new wood supply applications (e.g. in new markets)


The focus of the updated standard is on:
• Forest machines (harvesters, forwarders, feller-bunchers, yarders, skidders etc)
• Control, reporting and monitoring/follow-up of logging production

Time plan

The first version was completed by June 2011. New versions has so far been published once a year (February) up until version 3.6, published in February 2020. Tree-length machines (feller-bunchers, yarders and skidders) were added to the standard with version 3.5 and 3.6

It was decided 2020-08-17 to develop a new major version 4.0. The comprehensive work to develop a new major version meant that the 4.0 version was not published until the spring of 2023. Implementing a new major version means a fair amount of work for the manufacturers. This means that the first machines supporting this version probably will not be on the market until 2024.

Presently work is carried out in order to also including machines for mechanized planting and ground preparation. The plan is to include these new machine types with version 4.1. Contact Skogforsk for more information on this initiative.

Observe that the time when the new standard will be implemented in forest machines and available on the market will to a large extent be dependent on the needs and requirements of the machine users.

General information material

Some documents giving a brief introduction to StanForD2010 can be downloaded below in both Swedish, English and German:

StanForD2010 information in English (updated 2021)

StanForD2010 information in Swedish (updated 2021)

StanForD2010 information in German

StanForD2010 information in Japanese

Official documents

Below are the offical standard documents presently available.

StanFord2010 naming and design rules

Date Ver Schemas Schema documentation Rules Change history
2011-06-22 1.0 Released schemas 1.0   Rules 1.0  
2011-12-04 2.0 Released schemas 2.0 SchemaDoc 2.0 Rules 1.4 Change history 2.0
2013-02-05 2.1 Released schemas 2.1 SchemaDoc 2.1   Change history 2.1
2014-02-06 3.0 Released schemas 3.0 SchemaDoc 3.0   Change history 3.0
2015-02-06 3.1 Released schemas 3.1 SchemaDoc 3.1  Rules 1.5 Change history 3.1
2016-02-04 3.2 Released schemas 3.2 SchemaDoc 3.2   Change history 3.2
2017-02-06 3.3 Released schemas 3.3 SchemaDoc 3.3  Rules 1.6 Change history 3.3
2018-02-06 3.4 Released schemas 3.4 SchemaDoc 3.4   Change history 3.4
2019-02-07 3.5 Released schemas 3.5 SchemaDoc 3.5   Change history 3.5
2020-02-07 3.6* Released schemas 3.6 SchemaDoc 3.6   Change history 3.6
2022-08-15 4.0 Released schemas 4.0 SchemaDoc 4.0   Change history 4.0

 *Observe that 3.6 was updated with new schemas for skidders and yarders 2021-02-07

REST API for communcating StanForD data

It was decided to develop REST APIs in 2019. A first version was accepted in February 2021. Observe that this specification may be updated indepenetly of the schema updates (probably more frequently). The specification can be downloaded below:

StanForD File REST v1.0 (2021-02-07)

Default species group instructions

Skogforsk has created a recommended spi-file for the Swedish market that can be downloaded below: 

Swedish recommended species group instructions (2022-10-05) 

Metsäteho has created a recommended spi-file for the Finnish market that can be downloaded below: 

Finnish recommended species group instructions (2019-03-26) 

Skogforsk has together with some Norwegians organizations created a recommended spi-file for the Norwegian market that can be downloaded below:

Norwegian recommended species group instructions (2022-05-19)

Other documents

The following documents are not official standard documents. Observe that these documents may be changed at any time and that these documents may very well not be the absolutely latest version.

StanForD 2010 introduction

SDC rules for interpreting StanForD2010 files (hpr, hqc and fpr), in Swedish.

Zip with StanForD minutes since 1999

Recommended translations of StanForD nomenclature (English, Finnish, Swedish, French).

Don't hesitate to contact Metsäteho or Skogforsk for further information.


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