Olle Rosenberg

Senior researcher
Uppsala Science Park
SE-751 83 Uppsala

+46 (70) 620 70 36

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Selected publications

Year Title Authors Journal
2018 Challenges of pheromone-based mating disruption of Cydia strobilella and Dioryctria abietella in spruce seed orchards
Svensson, G. P.
Wang, H. L.
Jirle, E. V.
Rosenberg, O.
Liblikas, I.
Chong, J. M.
Lofstedt, C.
Anderbrant, O.
Journal of Pest Science
2015 Effects of different insect species on seed quantity and quality in Norway spruce
Rosenberg, O
Nordlander, G
Weslien, J
Agricultural and Forest Entomology
2015 Sex pheromone of the cloaked pug moth, Eupithecia abietaria (Lepidoptera: Geometridae), a pest of spruce cones
Wang, H.L
Svensson, G.P
Jacobsson, J
Jirle, E.V
Rosenberg, O
Francke, W
Anderbrant, O
Millar, J.G
Löfstedt, C
Journal of Applied Entomology
Forest damage
Fungal damage
Collegues within Silviculture