Nils Fahlvik

Senior researcher
Ekebo 2250
SE-268 90 Svalöv

+46 (70) 580 37 34

Researcher in silviculture at Skogforsk since 2017 with a previous position as researcher in silviculture and growth and yield at SLU. Studying stand treatment with focus on thinning and the silviculture of broadleaves. Involved in the FRAS-project, studying silviculture for diverse forest types.

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Selected publications

Year Title Authors Journal
2022 Pre-Commercial Thinning Increases the Profitability of Norway Spruce Monoculture and Supports Norway Spruce–Birch Mixture over Full Rotations
Ara, Mostarin
Berglund, Mattias
Fahlvik, Nils
Johansson, Ulf
Nilsson, Urban
2022 Production of genetically improved silver birch plantations in southern and central Sweden
Liziniewicz, Mateusz
Barbeito, Ignacio
Zvirgzdins, Andis
Stener, Lars-Göran
Niemistö, Pentti
Fahlvik, Nils
Johansson, Ulf
Karlsson, Bo
Nilsson, Urban
Silva Fennica
2021 Growth of northern red oak in southern Sweden
Fahlvik, Nils
Johansson, Ulf
Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research
2019 Production of hybrid aspen on agricultural land during a rotation in southern Sweden
Fahlvik, Nils
Rytter, Lars
Stener, Lars-Göran
Journal of forestry research
2017 Modeling early height growth in trials of genetically improved of Norway spruce and Scots pine in southern sweden
Egbäck, S
Nilsson, U
Nyström, K
Högberg, K-A
Fahlvik, N
Silva Fennica
2017 Natural regeneration in a multi-layered Scots pine-Norway spruce forest in southern Sweden after target diameter harvest and soil scarification
Drössler, L
Fahlvik, N
Wysocka, N
Hjelm, K
Kuehne, C
2016 Replacing monocultures with mixed-species stands: A comprehensive assessment of the social-ecological implications
Felton, A
Nilsson, U
Sonesson, J
Felton A.M
Roberge, J-M
Ranius, T
Ahlström, M
Bergh, J
Björkman, C
Boberg, J
Drössler, L
Fahlvik, N
Gong, P
Holmström, E
Keskitalo, E.C.H
Klapwijk, M.J
Laudon, H
Lundmark, T
Niklasson, M
Nordin, A
Pettersson, M
Stenlid, J
Sténs, A
Wallertz, K
Collegues within Silviculture