Martin Englund

Forest operations
Uppsala Science Park
SE-751 83 Uppsala

+46 (70) 282 16 42

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Selected publications

Year Title Authors Journal
2020 Innovative productivity improvements in forest operations: a comparative study of the Assortment Grapple using a machine simulator
Manner, Jussi
Berg, Simon
Englund, Martin
Ersson, Back Tomas
Mörk, Anders
Journal of Forest Science
2019 Comparing forwarder boom-control systems based on an automatically recorded follow-up dataset
Manner, Jussi
Mörk, Anders
Englund, Martin
Silva Fenn
2017 Forwarder crane’s boom tip control system and beginner-level operators
Manner, J
Gelin, O
Mörk, A
Englund, M
Silva Fennica
2015 Examining the gaze bahaviour of harvester operators: an eye-tracking study
Häggström, C
Englund, M
Lindroos, O
International Journal of Forest Engineering
Work environment
Collegues within Forest operations