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Ainhoa Calleja-Rodriguez

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År Titel Författare Tidskrift
2020 Evaluation of the efficiency of genomic versus pedigree predictions for growth and wood quality traits in Scots pine
Calleja-Rodriguez, Ainhoa
Pan, Jin
Funda, Tomas
Chen, Zhiqiang
Baison, John
Isik, Fikret
Abrahamsson, Sara
Wu, Harry X.
BMC Genomics
2019 Analysis of phenotypic- and Estimated Breeding Values (EBV) to dissect the genetic architecture of complex traits in a Scots pine three-generation pedigree design
Calleja-Rodriguez, A.
Li, Z. T.
Hallingback, H. R.
Sillanpaa, M. J.
Wu, H. X.
Abrahamsson, S.
Garcia-Gil, M. R.
2019 Genotype-by-environment interactions and the dynamic relationship between tree vitality and height in northern Pinus sylvestris
Calleja-Rodriguez, A.
Gull, B. A.
Wu, H. X.
Mullin, T. J.
Persson, T.
Tree Genetics & Genomes
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