Our research benefits the entire forestry sector, and we follow the flow of wood from the tiny seed all the way to the mill gate. Want to find out more? Take a look at our research areas!
Climate is changing, the competition for raw materials is toughening and demand is increasing. Forest has never been as important for a sustainable society as it is today.

Research for the future.

Skogforsk is the research institute for the Swedish forestry sector. Through applied research, a unique network and a keen awareness of current trends in society and the forestry sector, we shorten the step from research to practical application.

Skogforsk’s task is to furnish the Swedish forestry sector with practical knowledge, services and products to promote profitable and sustainable use of forest. This will improve the competitiveness of the forestry industry and contribute to the attainment of important societal goals.

Some 90 researchers in Uppsala, Sävar and Ekebo are studying the work environment, wood, conservation, silviculture, plant breeding materials, forest energy, operations and products, logistics, entrepreneurship, and damage to forests.