Silvicultural technology workshop 10-11 June 2020


Two days loaded with discussions about mechanized planting, sensor technologies, fertilization, drones and much more.

The workshop is announced from NB NORD and IUFRO Research group 3.02.00 and will cover two days. 

Preliminary program 

Day 1: Indoor presentations 

  • Mechanized regeneration – potential and problems
  • Social sustainability in silviculture. – Including gentle site preparation.
  • Sensor technologies – Old know hows and new findings.
  • GPS – Exact positioning of seeds and seedlings.
  • Organization. – How to implement new technological and biological findings in today’s reality?

Lunch and workshop dinner at the location.

Day 2: Morning indoor, outdoor lunch and excursion in the afternoon

  • Fertilization during planting – Organic or inorganic nitrogen?
  • Load- and tool carrying drones in silvicultural – Realistic vision or fantasy?

One of the aims of the workshop is to prepare for the silvicultural technology section in the final NB NORD conference in Denmark 22-24 September 2020.

About the Corona disease

We are proceeding with the plans around the workshop and we are following the development of the virus closely. All registered participants will be informed at least 1 month before the workshop if the workshop will be cancelled.





Number of places available: 49
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Last day for registration: 1 May 2020

Deadline for title, suggested presentations and short abstract for proceedings: 15 May 2020. Send your suggested presentation and short abstract for proceedings to Lars-Göran Sundblad at Skogforsk.

Location: The workshop will be situated at SLU Skinnskatteberg in the middle of Sweden. 

Cost: 2 200 Swedish kronor (SEK) (app 200 €) including conference fee, transport, coffee, lunch, dinner and one night single room. If shared double room 2000 SEK (app 180 €).

There are 25 single rooms available to this price. If more participants than 25, wants single rooms, there are other accommodations in the neighborhood, but to a higher prize: app 550 SEK (app 50 €) extra.

Please clarify your need for allergic considerations regarding food and need for transportation between Arlanda airport/ Stockholm and Skinnskatteberg in the registration form.

Contacts & questions

Skogforsk: Lars-Göran Sundblad

SLU: Dan Bergström

LUKE/ IUFRO: Timo Saksa 

Silavi: Dagnija Lazdina 


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