Ph D student position in forest genetics with focus on silver birch flowering and seed production

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Forest is an important component to mitigate the climate change. A improved planting material is an efficient method to increase the production of the forests. Would you like to help?

Forest is an important component for a bioeconomy and challenges related to the climate change. A constant improvement of planting material is an efficient method to increase the production of forest raw material needed in the future. We are looking for you who would like to join our breeding team to create a starting point for future forests.


The aim of the PhD student position is a doctoral degree. In this 4-year project the student will primarily do research to improve an understanding of flowering and seed production in silver birch for an implementation in forest tree breeding and forestry practice. The PhD project includes establishment and analysis of greenhouse and field-based experiments with the overall aim to improve our knowledge in birch flowering.

The applied character of the project will be combined with a specific base question about specific responses and properties of birch which will contribute to other aspects related to flowering and seeds production in the conditions of future climate. The PhD student will get a research education in forest genetics and breeding.

Climate change puts our forests at risk and currently, the forest biomass production is neither secure, sustainable nor sufficient to meet the future demands of both the energy and process industry sector.

Trees for me

Trees for me (trees for materieal and energy) is a centre of excellence on fast growing broadleaves, i.e. poplar, aspen, hybrid aspen and birch, for sustainable forests, materials and energy. Fifty partner organizations representing academic and research institutes, and the enterprise and public sectors will collaborate in Trees for me, working together to find solutions to mitigate some of these future risks to forest health. The centre’s goal is to develop science-based, innovative solutions for, and build future competence in, a new forest biomass supply system for conversion to high-value material and energy products.

In total, 13 PhD students will be recruited to the centre and will collaborate with stakeholders representing the whole forest-based value chain, to build research excellence and knowledge for Swedish energy and forest sectors.   

This PhD project is a cooperation between Skogforsk and Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre (SSFRC). The student will be employed by Skogforsk at the Ekebo field station and registered as a PhD candidate at the SSFRS at Alnarp.

The PhD student will be included in our research team working with forest tree breeding and forest genetics. Skogforsk is responsible for improvement of genetical resources of forest trees in Sweden. We conduct the applied research aimed for a development of the breeding programs and basic research related to forest tree genetics. The result of the activities is a continuous improvement of planting material that is used in forestry practice.


We are looking for a strongly motivated candidate with an MSc degree in forestry, biology, environmental sciences, biostatistics or equivalent. Beneficial qualifications are scientifically orientated attitude and awareness about current forest management issues, experience in establishment and analysis of practical experiments, a basic forestry analytics with a basic understanding of statistics and R programming language (or equivalent) and/or GIS software, and good communications skills with fluency in written English.

Driving license is a necessity for the work duties. The interest in forest genetics and breeding is an asset.

About Skogforsk

Skogforsk is the research institute of the Swedish forest industry. Our vision is to lead the sustainable development. We develop and communicate knowledge, services and products that contribute to sustainable development of forest industry and make a difference in the society. To be successful, we are certainly sure that the diversity at the working place is crucial for effectivity and well-being.

Skogforsk has three sites, Uppsala in mid-Sweden, Sävar in the north and in Ekebo in the south. We are about 140 employees of which 80 are researchers.

The employment & application

Employment form: time-limited employment as PhD student at Skogforsk for 4 years. The employment will start 1st of October 2022 or according to the agreement.

Placement: Ekebo, Svalöv

The application must contain a letter with expectations on the position and what you personally find interesting within this research subject, CV and contact information to two reference persons.

Send your application to, latest the 31st of May 2022.

Questions? Contact Mateusz Liziniewicz,