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Year Title Authors Journal
2020 Evaluation of the efficiency of genomic versus pedigree predictions for growth and wood quality traits in Scots pine
Calleja-Rodriguez, Ainhoa
Pan, Jin
Funda, Tomas
Chen, Zhiqiang
Baison, John
Isik, Fikret
Abrahamsson, Sara
Wu, Harry X.
BMC Genomics
2019 Effects of inbreeding depression on seed production in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris)
Mullin, Tim J
Persson, Torgny
Abrahamsson, Sara
Andersson Gull, Bengt
Canadian Journal of Forest Research
2019 Analysis of phenotypic- and Estimated Breeding Values (EBV) to dissect the genetic architecture of complex traits in a Scots pine three-generation pedigree design
Calleja-Rodriguez, A.
Li, Z. T.
Hallingback, H. R.
Sillanpaa, M. J.
Wu, H. X.
Abrahamsson, S.
Garcia-Gil, M. R.
2015 Development and transferability of two multiplexes nSSR in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.)
Ganea, S
Ranade,  S.S
Hall, D
Abrahamsson, S
Rosario García-Gil, M 
Journal of forestry research
2014 Functional Multi-Locus QTL Mapping of Temporal Trends in Scots Pine Wood Traits
Li, Z
Hallingbäck, H.R
Abrahamsson, S
Fries, A
Andersson Gull, B
Sillanpää, M.J
García-Gil, M.R
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