Lars Wilhelmsson

Head of strategic research collaboration, Senior researcher
Value Chains
Uppsala Science Park
SE-751 83 Uppsala

+46 (70) 628 03 68

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Selected publications

Year Title Authors Journal
2016 A model approach to include wood properties in sorting and transportation planning
Andersson, G
Flisberg, P
Nordström, M
Rönnqvist, M
Wilhelmsson, L
2016 An Integrated Approach for wood quality
Brüchert, F
Wilhelmsson, L
Mochan, S
Sauter, U
Wood Material Science and Engineering
2015 A Swedish case study on the prediction of detailed product recovery from individual stem profiles based on airborne laser scanning
Barth, A
Möller, J.J
Wilhelmsson, L
Arlinger, J
Hedberg, R
Söderman, U
Annals of Forest Science
Wood & fuel properties
Product requirement
Wood data
Collegues within Value Chains